Tier 1 Certification

Welcome! In this certificate-providing course, we'll cover:

  • why non-profits use a CRM,
  • what Neon does for non-profits,
  • and how we got here.


​By the end of the course, learners will be able to identify

  • organizational and fundraising obstacles addressed by NeonCRM,
  • how to use NeonCRM in conjunction with other tools,
  • and what the value proposition of the software is.

1.1 Welcome

The Need Let’s start with a story. At one of my previous jobs, all program staff got an email before our annual appeal,. “Send us your lists of donors and volunteers!” I’d then copy a few Google Sheets, supplement with data from my inbox, and send it off as an Excel file to the Board. Each…

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1.2 Our Story

Our Story Insert video of Jeff telling our story as a company or, if we don’t get that,

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1.3 Introduction

Introduction NeonCRM is an all-in-one platform for tracking your supporters and their relationship with you in the hopes of raising more.

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2.1 NeonCRM: Access

Access Cloud-based NeonCRM is a web application, so you can view and edit your data from any browser. Don’t worry- we’ll keep it secure. NeonCRM is PCI Compliant. System Users As many (or as few!) people can access your CRM as you choose. A System Administrator can see, edit, and delete all data in the…

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2.2 NeonCRM Analysis

Analysis Those System Users are able to

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3.1 NeonCRM: Knowing Your Supporters

Knowing Your Supporters finding accounts, viewing data on an account, customizing account view relationships, custom account data tracking reporting on their identities – who is in the Chicagoland area (show off radius reporting?) Communications Mass Communications Newsletters – Distribution Lists Workflows Case Study: Hardy Girls Healthy Women

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