2021-Jun-09: Michigan Forum for Digital Health

Jun 09, 2021 9:00AM—4:00PM


A transformation in healthcare is underway with digital technologies playing a central role. Digital health envisions a world where innovation supports improved health and contributes to better quality, accessibility, and inclusivity for patients, and improves the patient-provider interface to provide more efficient services and inter-operability while leading to more impactful outcomes.

However, the challenges facing innovators and the healthcare system to attain such a lofty goal should not be underestimated. Regulatory barriers, economic hurdles, difficulties in effectively digitizing patient data, privacy, and security concerns, are just a few of the issues that must be overcome to achieve marketplace adoption and success.

This inaugural Forum will have engaging sessions to connect digital health technologists from across the biosciences industry, researchers, implementers, and field experts from across Michigan and beyond. It will feature an FDA Town Hall, panel discussions, solo presentations, and opportunities to network and showcase organizations and/or technologies.