MichBio members include companies, organizations, and individuals from all sectors of the bio industry, at all stages of business or product development. MichBio provides support in the form of business savings, education, advocacy and connections that helps our members, and the industry, grow and continue to thrive.


MichBio members enjoy a range of benefits from cost savings with the Preferred Purchasing Program and connections with the industry at events and through BioConnections referral and partnering efforts, to marketing, legal, and talent support services. Have an idea for a benefit that's not offered? MichBio benefits are constantly evolving to better serve the Michigan bio-community.

Preferred Purchasing Program

New and small companies are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to pricing for business services and lab supplies - they simply don’t buy enough to take advantage of bulk pricing discounts. MichBio has a solution for these companies, as well as larger, established brands looking to save money on business expenses. In partnership with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), MichBio provides members access to a network of preferred providers who give steep discounts on everything from shipping and insurance to chemicals and equipment. Many companies save in excess of 10 times the cost of their membership by using the Preferred Purchasing Program.

If you want to learn more or maximize your savings contact Elizabeth at

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Other Member Benefits


MichBio memberships fall into two categories - Core and Premium. Core membership rates are based on the number of worldwide employees, with special rates available for individuals not associated with an organization and emerging companies. Premium memberships range in value and are eligible for additional benefits based on the membership level. Full member benefits by member type and level can be viewed in the Benefit Schedule.

Core memberships can be purchased online. Premium memberships can be purchased online or by contacting Elizabeth at

Membership Levels



Level / Eligibility Requirements

In-Transition Individual


Single person, not part of any company, institute, or organization. Cannot be used as an organization membership even if the organization has only one employee.

Emerging Company


Founded within the past two (2) years; Five (5) employees or less; and, Has not been a member of MichBio previously. Eligible for two (2) years.



1-5 worldwide employees
6-19 worldwide employees
20-49 worldwide employees
50-99 worldwide employees
100-249 worldwide employees
250-499 worldwide employees
500+ worldwide employees



Patron Member
Bronze Member
Silver Member
Gold Member

*Premium Memberships are open to all companies regardless of size or industry sector.