MichBio members can take advantage of our Business Growth Program which exists to connect member companies with individuals and organizations that they need to be successful through partnering and events, talent support and direct referral.


MichBio members have access to a variety of business growth support services under the umbrella of BioConnections. All free services are exclusive to members, all paid services are discounted for members with additional member-exclusive features.

Career Center - Member companies can post open positions on our career portal for free or at discounted rates by member type. In addition, member job postings will be promoted to our network in our newsletters, on social media, and through personal recommendation where appropriate. Visit the Career Center.

Direct Referral - Member companies find value in direct referral of customers and in introductions to vendors or service providers. We connect our members with individuals and organizations with mutually beneficial offerings, cost-savings opportunities, and necessary business-growth expertise. Submit a Business Referral Request.

Events - Member companies attend MichBio events for free or at a discounted price. We work hard to recruit speakers from around the State and Nation, from different industry sectors, and with varying levels of expertise to ensure event attendees have access to valuable contacts. In addition, we host a variety of member-only events that offer exclusive networking, business development, or best practice sharing opportunities for members. View our Events Calendar.

Partnering - Large partnering events can be out of reach for many companies because of their cost. Our staff attends many national events - often for free - and we pass that value on to our members by partnering on their behalf at events. After the event, we follow-up with participating companies with contacts and leads. Submit a Partnering Request.

Pitch Review - Companies at all stages of growth require fundraising gained from an effective pitch. Our staff will review pitch materials and provide feedback on presentations to help our members have the best chance of securing funding. Contact us to Schedule a Pitch Review.

Talent Management - New and emerging companies often reach a point where they need to find business leadership expertise in the form of a CEO, CFO, or other essential leaders. We can help connect both these small companies, and larger established brands, with known talent who could be a good fit for the organization. Contact us for Talent Management Requests.