It's a Labor of Love… and Patience… and..!

One of our staff members (Thank you Mary for the pictures!) witnessed this scene the other morning.  It seemed that it was taking an unusual amount of time to load the cottage van to leave for school.  Our staff member, Mary went to check it out to see if there was a problem she could help with.  This is what she found –

One of our housefathers, Bobby, was working on little Tyrone’s shoe.  What you might not know about Tyrone is that he is a little fireball of energy that goes from sunrise to bedtime and never seems to stop!  Tyrone’s shoestrings had gotten into all kinds of knots and Bobby was helping him get untangled before boarding the van and heading off to school.

And here is Bobby trying to get Tyrone’s newly unknotted shoe back on his wiggly foot!


With care, patience and precision, Bobby is able to untie, re-tie and successfully put Tyrone’s shoe back on, load the van and get the kids off to school.  Mary watched as Bobby carefully and with patience and love performed this mundane, everyday task.  Without complaining or fussing, Bobby served the Tyrone’s need at the time.

These are the kind of staff who work with our children at the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home.  They love and care for each child as if it were their very own.  I have seen the type of loving father that Bobby is with his own child and it is beautiful to witness the same care for the children we serve.  God has blessed this Home with excellent houseparents and staff.  This is just one example!


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