Leadership Training for Christ


 Our Children, Our Future

The children of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. We are responsible for equipping them for the task ahead. For the first time I recently experienced the ministry of Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) at the regional assembly in Tucson, AZ. What I saw from the youthful participants gave me great hope for the future.

Without really knowing what to expect, I was surprised to see youngsters from elementary school age to high school sharing their expressions of worship through a variety of mediums. The message of redemption through Jesus Christ was delivered through drama, singing, signing, speeches, and scripture reading. As a spectator, I realized the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the hearts of our young people.

Walking onto a stage in front of hundreds of people produces jitters, sweaty palms, quaking voices and sometimes just plain terror. But watching these youngsters perform with all their hearts made me realize I was witnessing overcomers at work. I happen to know many of these youngsters had never performed in this kind of setting but they persevered.

A lot of people put a lot of effort into working with these youngsters to produce the quality performances they gave. Children and adults alike committed their time and energy to help youngsters become proficient at each of the skills on display. Deep inside the Holy Spirit touched our hearts by the results. What an amazing tool is LTC!

If you have any doubts about the future just go to one of the many LTC events around the country and see the leadership and feel the spirituality of our youth. God will always seek out and raise up worshippers to glorify His Son!

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